Winner of a Brand Republic Award. A global debate spanning 36 markets with over 41,000 respondents, placing Volvo at the forefront of the autonomous driving conversation. I worked on the final implementation/release across multiple markets and it is a remarkable piece of work, taking the debate to the customers of autonomous cars. Something no other brand was doing.
Awarding Body: 
Brand Republic
Award Date: 
Thu, 06/02/2016
Future of Driving
Delivery of the final phase of the Future of Driving debate, localised to 32 languages. It seeks to find out peoples expectations and desires around automatic driving and the future of motoring.

I have been resistant for a long time when it comes to Password Managers. Like many people, it feels like putting all of ones eggs in a single basket. For various reasons, I finally signed up to one.

When I signed up, it imported my details and then offered me the chance to get a grading for my security status. It reviewed my passwords, my login password and various other elements and have me three scores. Security Rating. Ranking. Master Password rating. I scored 22%, bottom 50% and 50% for my security. I was shocked. After much work I now score 99%, Top 1% and 100%

A few weeks ago I said that typical project manager thing of “we don’t release on Fridays” Then I paused and thought. Why don’t we? We’ve got a good team of developers, a suite of automated tests and a QA department with excellent domain knowledge. We have ‘like live’ environments that are managed by puppet, source control in GIT, code reviews in Crucible that link to the feature descriptions in Jira.

An interesting document has been produced by the UK government regarding password security. I say interesting, because it is surprisingly perceptive in its approach. It takes into account that many breaches in password security are social rather than technological in approach and so driving people to complex regularly changed passwords tends to make them more easily guessable, or to result in them being written down. Worth a read for anyone working on securing customer data.
Customer Service Improvements
Very occasionally there are production issues. If a area of the site is not working as intended, there had been no way to communicate this to the customers. This project implemented a simple banner, which clicks through for more information, allowing Volkswagen to signpost if there are issues affecting the site that a user would benefit from knowing about. Additionally, it reassures the customers an issue they've encountered is known about and has a timescale for resolution.