Tribal Worldwide Web

What is the Tribal Worldwide Web?

Tribal recently had a Spark Night, our name for our Innovation Team at Tribal Worldwide London, something commonly referred to as a Hackathon. It was a lot of fun, and as you would expect the various teams were made up from all the disciplines of the agency. Our team, UX, Design, Project Management and Systems Architecture did a brain-storming session for ideas. Presented them to our group, and then ranked them by feasibility. When that was done, the feasible ideas were voted for and we progressed with the winning one into prototyping. Presentation of the ideas was the following day to the management team, who then announced the winners (us!) at the Friday company meeting.

All in all it was both a fun and valuable session, it really highlighted how effective and productive team can be when left to their own devices and when working in small agile teams. I would urge other companies to make the same investment in time and effort to try it out.

Our output document


We all come across the Tribal Foyer screen at one point in our day. Using it, create a digital interaction, that brings us all together.


Tribal is not an agency alone. We are part of a global award winning network. We need to be transparent in our engagement with the network. Show them who we are day to day, and see the way they work, as they work.


A prototype global engagement Using Google Hangouts, we reached out to contacts at Istanbul, Amsterdam, Sydney, Slovakia and Romania to engage with us. The request was simple. Turn on a webcam in your office for 24 hours and sign into a shared Hangout.

We also planned to create a “scribble board” to allow us to engage in a fun way with the other teams. But we found every tool we thought of, already existed and why reinvent the wheel? From there we spent time looking at various tools and plugins to help us share what we do day to day. Some of these can be seen.

Our final Hackathon step was to take the source code of the Tribal site, amend it to take the styles to create a local custom welcome page.

Have we succeeded? Give them a wave and ask Tribal Worldwide?

Tribal Worldwide Web 2.0

As the engagement of the network grows we expect two things to strengthen.

1) Day to day engagement. Saying hello on your way into the office to colleges around the world. Seeing a pitch team in Singapore doing an all nighter. Saying goodbye as Tribal India arrive at 3am UK time when a release is finally live.

2) Tribal Talks become a worldwide thing. We have expertise in a range of areas, and have industry experts come in. This can be shared, making Tribal London both a learning point for Tribal Worldwide, and also a synonym for excellence in Digital.