Customer Service Improvements
Very occasionally there are production issues. If a area of the site is not working as intended, there had been no way to communicate this to the customers. This project implemented a simple banner, which clicks through for more information, allowing Volkswagen to signpost if there are issues affecting the site that a user would benefit from knowing about. Additionally, it reassures the customers an issue they've encountered is known about and has a timescale for resolution.
Need Help Updates
We implemented a series of improvements on the Volkwagen Need Help section, based on some usability work we had conducted to improve the overall experience of looking for help on the site.
Channel Routing
The Channel Routing project was all about driving customers to the correct solution to their problem. Sometimes Retailers are best placed to help a customer with their question, sometimes it is Volkswagen centrally, sometimes there are resources on the website which can help. By helping users to self select their situation, we can minimize their frustration by ensuring that they are given the most appropriate channels to answer their questions the first time. We naturally have an option to see all our contact options as not everyone wants to go through the selection steps.
A simple series of usability enhancements to one of our back end systems allowing the teams using them to work more efficiently.
Moving away from static SVN managed vehicle sprite sheets to dynamically generated CSS and sprites based on live models to move to a pure content model launch.

Every VW Showroom has a iPad application which helps them to sell cars, allowing them to walk through configuring a vehicle, finance deals and other reasons why buying a Volkswagen is such a good idea. One of the features that was added a number of years ago was a Stock Lookup, allowing retailers to see what was available nationally or on their Forecourt which might match the desires of their customer.

Tyre Clustering

Ability to automatically change VED and Emissions for vehicles based on changing the wheels to conform to new legislation.

Delivery of an integration between the order tracking information and the Retailer tool to allow retailers to view all orders that are relevant to them.
A new set of templates and pages helping people to find out about their tyres and tyre safety.
Need Help Menu
Implementation of a new menu for the Need Help section to give consistency to the user experience and to increase customer satisfaction by more accurately mapping outcomes to expectations.